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Hey guys,

Just giving you a little about me. Well where do I start, I live with my wonderful girlfriend that goes up and beyond for me always helping me when I’m on my bad days, when i mean bad days I suffer from mental illness so pretty much I have a lot of bad days sometimes the only way it helps me is to write about my books. that helps me a lot so I can picture everything in my mind at the time of feeling or what I hear and make everything come to live as I write it down. Funny thing is when I was in Secondary school I used to hate English well pretty much all my lessons. But as time went by for me I become ill and wasn’t fit to go school so I was at home a lot, and then really I started to write what I used to imagine and try to bring it to live on paper. Now I’m here! 




Dylan has the shocking surprise of his daughter Emily coming home for a couple of weeks. While he waits at the airport for her, he finds out that his little girl isn’t as well as he thought. Things doesn’t go to plan when she ends up in hospital.


 working in progress

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